Play games with watchX G-Pad accessory!


We are happy to inform you that, we started shipping the watchX accessories! Some of our members have already received their units:) Question may arise, how to play games with watchX G-Pad accessory. Well, of course, you can create your own game using scratch blocks, as our long time member @francois did on this post First try with the watchX Pad

You can also develop your own game using Arduino. Thanks to Arduboy team and great member of Arduboy users, it’s possible to do that. In order to compile Arduboy games for watchX, you need below modified libraries.

You can skip compiling games or developing games and upload pre-compiled hex files with a hex uploader. You can download the precompiled hex files from the link below:

Once you download the hex files, you can use your choice of hex uploader or use below uploader to upload hex files.

Hex uploader download link:

Install the downloaded hex loader. Once installed you will welcomed with a windows like the one below:

  • Connect the watchX to your computer and wait for left LED settles.
  • Select the Arduino Leonardo from the Target section of the hex uploader program.

  • Click load “Load Sketch / HEX”
  • Navigate to Game Hex files previously downloaded.
  • Select the correct com port right below the area you select the target device.
  • Once you click to the correct com pot, watchX’s left LED will flash and upload sequence will start.

Please post below if you encounter any problem and we will guide you through :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



This Hex uploader generate : “ERROR - file not found”.

I’ve tryed last version (1.0.13) and 0.8.7 and tryed all the 5 games of the github.

Do I need to add the library if I try to upload directly the .hex you provide ?

Thank you for your help


I clic on Load Sketch, select and open a .hex :

Then I clic on COM10 and get this with no flashing led :

Ok, just had to reset while uploading,as on arduino…
It works well

I am glad that you solved it:)

I found a program called Arduboy Uploader that can easily upload your .hex files to watchX without having to select the port or board.

This is the download link :

Install the “ArduboyUploader_setup.exe”

When you double click on the program, you will see a window like this

After choosing your .hex file from here, the program will automatically upload the file to your watchX.




Hello again!

I’ll try to explain how to upload games to your watchX with Arduino IDE.

Step 1 : Download zip file:

Step 2 : Extract the libraries

Step 3 : Select the files and click Copy

Step 4 : Right click on the Arduino IDE and open file location.

Step 5 : Go to the libraries folder.

Step 6 : Paste the files here.

Now you’re ready to use libraries on Arduino IDE.

Step 7 : Open Arduino IDE and follow File / Examples / Arduboy2 / ArduBreaokut steps.

You need to Arduboy board to play the games.

Step 8 : Go to the Preferences

Step 9 : Copy the URL :

Step 10 : Paste and press OK.

Step 11 : Go to the Boards Manager

Step 12 : Install the Arduboy package.

Now you can choose Arduboy board.

Final step is upload the code to your watchX.

Have a fun!



Many thanks for that.

I don’t have time right now but will definitely try your tutorial.

Also I wonder how to use Arduboy to program our own games. I don’t know the purpose of it and for example how to use special libraries or function from Arduboy

Hi @francois,

There is a great tutorial series present at the Arduboy forum. You can skip initial steps because ours described above. Then start by “loading an example” section.

Arduboy forum link:

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I edited the new version Arduboy2 5.3.0 library for watchX.

I was having a heating problem in the previous version of the library. I eliminated it.

You’ll see that all of the LEDs are used in this edit and you can also upload files such as “Beep Demo”, “RGBLed”, “SetSystemEEPROM” to your watchX.

You can download from this link

hey there, arduboy uploader does not seem to be working for me. When I try to upload a .arduboy file, it does a successful upload but then the watchx itself just hangs with a black screen and the right led on. I there a fix for this?

EDIT: when I try to flash to the watchx after I have this problem, it won’t flash anymore

Hello @RetroGamer

Are you flashing the .hex files specially compiled for watchX with arduboy uploader or are you uploading arduboy files downloaded from the arduboy website?

arduboy games should be compiled with modified arduboy libraries. If you are trying to upload arduboy files from arduboy website it is normal to have such a problem because libraries are different.

Regarding to flash problem you have afterwards please try the below solution:

Please let us know the progress.

If I have a .arduboy file, how can I compile it with the arduboy2 library?

Please follow the steps described here: Play games with watchX G-Pad accessory! - #7 by ahmetkcavusoglu

This is very helpful, but this only tells you how to upload ino files, not .arduboy files

.arduboy files are special to Arduboy products. However; each arduboy file has its own source file which contains an .ino file. Is there a particular game that you want to compile for watchX? Can you please share the name of the game?

I was attempting to play Catacombs of the Damned - FPS 3D Game

Edit: I got the source code and I am trying to compile it with the right libraries, but the compiler keeps saying "could not covert ‘idle’ from ‘EnemyState’ to ‘int’ " inside of enemy.cpp

Edit of edit: I have tried most of the other games in the games section of the community, and they all seem to not work for me

Edit of edit of edit (jeez): I got most of the other games to work, but I am still getting this compiler error for catacombs of the damned

I had the exact same problem as well. I will work on that with @ahmetkcavusoglu and keep you updated:)

Thanks a lot for the help!

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