Catacombs of the Damned - FPS 3D Game

Catacombs of the Damned is a first person shooter game set in the dungeons. It is a game where you can kill monsters with your magic fireballs and get loot.

Download from here

If you don’t know how to upload games to your watchX, you can check this link.

Use this library for best performance


Inspired by Catacomb 3D series
All rights reserved by Arduboy

How is it that you went about getting this onto your watchx? when I try to flash the arduboy file, it hangs at a black screen, but when I try to compile from source, it gives the error Arduino: 1.8.0 (Windows 10), Board: “Arduboy”

sketch\Enemy.cpp: In member function ‘void Enemy::Tick()’:

Enemy.cpp:339: error: could not convert ‘Idle’ from ‘EnemyState’ to ‘int’

case EnemyState::Idle:


Enemy.cpp:346: error: could not convert ‘Moving’ from ‘EnemyState’ to ‘int’

case EnemyState::Moving:


Enemy.cpp:359: error: could not convert ‘Attacking’ from ‘EnemyState’ to ‘int’

case EnemyState::Attacking:


Enemy.cpp:362: error: could not convert ‘Stunned’ from ‘EnemyState’ to ‘int’

case EnemyState::Stunned:


exit status

I downloaded and installed the Arduboy2 library which is compatible for watchX from this link GitHub - ahmetkcavusoglu/watchX_Arduboy2

Then I downloaded the game from this address. Releases · jhhoward/Arduboy3D · GitHub I opened the .ino file in the game folder -without making any changes- and uploaded it to my watchX.

I used Arduino IDE 1.8.13 while doing these operations.

Ah, I am using an older version of arduino ide

Is tye nwatch firmware working on newer versions of arduino yet?

Also, do you need to upload it as an arduboy or as a arduino Leonardo

N|Watch Firmware works with newer versions. How to fix watchx.ino - #4 by ahmetkcavusoglu

I recommend you to review here. Play games with watchX G-Pad accessory! - #7 by ahmetkcavusoglu

So, none of the previous errors I was getting are showing up anymore, but now it is saying the sketch is too big :frowning: how can I remedy this?

EDIT: Fixed that, but now it is making the character in the game constantly shooting and it doesn’t stop.

Edit of Edit: It seems that any game I upload that says “Low memory available, stability problems may occur” does this too

You need to upload as arduboy:)

@ahmetkcavusoglu when you install the game, did you have any stability issue?

Last night I had 30-35 minutes of experience, I didn’t encounter any problems. Some issues may occur, possibly related to battery levels. @RetroGamer

I am pretty sure that my battery is full, but I am still encountering the same issues