First try with the watchX Pad

This pad brings a totally new dimension to the watchX :star_struck:
I’ll post the code later

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We are so excited to that you received the hacker kit:) Can’t wait to see what you will come up with the new accessories :heart_eyes:

Hello, I’m working on this beginning of game with mBlock, and I just discovered that mBlock doesn’t support list on code generator for Arduino.
Actually lists are working for sprites but not for external coding.

Do you know an alternative to use array in the code ?

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Hi there, looks like a good start. :slight_smile: I am glad that you liked the G-Pad extension.

I am sure @mtulu knows the aswer for your question on the mBlock-Arduino side.
Looking forward to play your games :smiley:

Hello Dear @francois yes, mblock does not support list, it may be a good idea to continue over Arduino IDE :slight_smile:

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