Xwatch V.2.0 Watch Face & App

Xwatch For watchX

Xwatch V.1 Was Terrible And Full Of Bugs So I Changed That And After Some Careful Thought I Decided To Start On Xwatch V.2! It will be out late this year or early next year! Anyway MIT App Inventor doesn’t support BLE, but Thunkable does (thunkable.com) Thunkable is the exact same as MIT App Inventor, but not made by MIT and it supports BLE (same as watchX)! Anyone could try Thunkable out to make an app, I was able to establish a connection and pair watchX to the app I made and it worked for the simple task I had it do. They are both drag &drop block programming. Anyone more advanced could use Android App Studio. Oh, and by the way Thunkable is IOS & Android!

GitHub Link - https://github.com/watchX-and-robots/Xwatch-V.2-For-watchX

Features Of Xwatch V.2:

  • Android & IOS App
  • Step Counting
  • BLE Syncing With App
  • Date & Time
  • Calls & Text (BLE From Phone App)
  • Screen Timeout (20 Seconds)
  • Notifications (BLE From Phone & From Watch OS)
  • Customizable Code In .wxb (watchX Blocks)
  • IMU Data
  • Regular Updates (Once A Month)
  • Available On GitHub - https://github.com/watchX-and-robots/Xwatch-V.2-For-watchX

Here Are Some Screenshots Of The App:

Home Screen - View The Day’s Stats & Your Contacts

Pairing- Pair & Unpair Your watchX, Send Notifications, Send BLE Commands, And Even Find A lost watchX!

Send BLE Text & Commands When Paired With watchX!

Setup Your Profile & Add Contacts, This Info Is Not Shared With Anyone; It’s Stored On Your Device.

Profile - Setup Your Profile, Add Contacts, And Change Name!

Watch Screenshot:

watch face A

Code Examples:

Once it is done will the app be available on GitHub as well? I look forward to this!

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Hello Dear @RetroGamer,

Yes, the app will indeed be available on GitHub once it is over 80% functional, I look forward to this myself! There will be an IOS & Android version available for download. I am creating this app with thunkable.com app inventor, it is very similar to MIT App Inventor, but it has BLE (bluetooth low energy) function like the watchX. You will be the first one to know about the app release. The computer generated prototype looks similar to what version 3 of the app will look like. The app will be available before summer hopefully! If you have any other questions or concerns please share them with me here on this thread.

Bests, Cody

@RetroGamer, while you are awaiting the arrival of my app, you can use (Bluefruit LE Connect) which was created by Adafruit and it is available in Android & IOS App Stores!

How To Use It With My Firmware:

  • Flash My Firmware To Your watchX
  • Download Bluefruit LE Connect
  • Connect to “watchX_10” *It will be labeled UART Capable)
  • In Options Select UART
  • Time To Send/Receive Commands
    The Only Commands You Can Send As Of Now Are:
  1. On - Turn watchX screen on
  2. Off - Turn watchX screen off
  3. Find - Ring buzzer on watchX to find it.
    *Send All Commands As I Typed Them (1st letter upercase, rest lowercase “On” & “Off”)

Sincerely, Cody

Phone app for android will be available tomorrow on github and ios will be later this summer!

Latest app download link: Thunkable
Valid Untill September 27, 2022

Hi Is v2.0 ready for purchase?

Xwatch 2.0 is just a firmware (operating system) for watchX. Xwatch firmware and app are made by me and free of charge however watchX (the diy smart watch) is $99.

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for all support on Xwatch Versions 1.0 & 2.0! I’m very excited to announce that I’ve created a newer version (v3.0)! Version 3.0 can receive phone notifications & sync time on the watchX now!

Click Link Below To View: