Xwatch 3.0 Watch Face & Smartphone Companion App

Xwatch For watchX

Xwatch v1.0 & Xwatch v2.0 weren’t capable of showing phone notifications on the watch via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), so I created Xwatch 3.0! I’ve used MIT App Inventor to create the phone app (available on Android (Available Now) and Apple IOS (Coming Soon). The phone app will listen for phone notifications and use a BLE send feature to communicate the notifications (and other things) with the watchX.

Watchface Info:

Xwatch For watchX

Features: (As of November, 2023)

  • Android & IOS App - (Under Development 90%)
  • Step Counting - Coming Soon In A Future Update
  • Wrist Wake - Coming Soon In A Future Update
  • BLE Syncing With App
  • Date & Time Sync With App
  • Calls & Text (BLE From Phone App)
  • Screen Timeout (20 Seconds)
  • Notifications (BLE From Phone & From Xwatch OS)
  • Customizable Code In .wxb (watchX Blocks)
  • IMU Data
  • Regular Updates
  • Available On GitHub https://github.com/DIY-SMARTWATCHES/watchX-Phone-Companion-App/tree/main
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Hello! Where I can download the v 3.0 ? I couldn’t find it on github.
How is it going with the ios application, I would like to give it a try ! :v: