When insert usb cable on Watchx COM port is not configured

after long time I’ve resumed watchx, but when I connect USB cable watchx <—> PC (last release W10 running) COM port appear for short time as COM5, after 1 second appear to be COM6 (named as Arduino Leonardo) and after 1 second disappear, so I can’t select COM in Arduino IDE or watchx blocks.
I’ve already tried on other PC (w10) but result is same, after changing usb cable nothing change.
The result after pushing reset button is always same.
Has someone had the same problem?.. and if so, how did you solve it?
Thanks in advance



Not sure it will work in your specific situation but it has solved a lot of similar issues for me :

Try to keep pressed the reset (on the watchX) , click to upload on your IDE and release the reset when the upload start.

Good luck

Thank you francois,
thank for reply.
Unfortunately this does not work for me, I have already tried this workaround, but if I do not select the com first (which appears for a few seconds as I wrote) it does not even start the upload, it goes into error after a while.
I await other kind replies thank’s.

Hello Dear Claudio,

Can you please share a short video while you plug the watchX, and during the error occurs? Also are you using the provided USB cable?


Hi Mustafa,
I will send you in the next days a short video as you ask.
In the meantime…how is important the cable usb provided? Because I’ve tryed 4 usb-mini usb cables (surely for data, used for data transfer from smartphones).
I can’t find the original anymore.

Thank you

Hi Claudio,

As long as the USB cable is used for data transfer it is okay. Looking forward to your video.

All my bests, Mustafa.

Hi Mustafa,
evolution, after further tests, the com no longer appears even for a few seconds.
Do you think it would be a good idea to try to disconnect the battery? I read in comunity that after the reset two LEDs should flash (one at the bottom left and one at the bottom right) to me only the one on the left flashes and then the firmware starts that at the time I was able to load … clock.
In the meantime, if you would like to buy anoter watchx, were iI find it?
In Amazon is unreachable, in google same…
Mine is old version without new plastic band.
Best regards


Hello Dear Claudio,

Please disconnect the battery and try to flash without the battery. When you plug the watchX to the USB port, only the left LED should blink for around 2 sec. If you see it happen then you can confirm that the watchX has power and it boots up.

Please try this solution and kindly pay attention to every step: Unable to upload code, port not detected! SOLUTION Please follow the steps and let us know:) (You can upload blink example of Arduino IDE)

Hi dear Mustafa,
issue resolved:
-battery detached
-connected device to micro usb (appeared and disappeared com’s as usually) :pensive:
-reset held down
-upload “blink sketch” and released reset as instruction
Result = led blinking and com stable and visible.
I think thath the “watch sketch” that I had loaded had problems and kept blocked the timer that manages the recognition of the USB.
I think the problem is solved.
How can I buy a new version of the new watchx?
Thanks for your mythical assistance and good work.

Hello Dear Claudio,

I am so happy to see that the problem is solved:) Your theory is correct, sometimes the uploaded sketch mass up the USB hardware’s timer and causes the problem.

I think you want to buy the new version of the watchX because it has beautiful housing:) If that is the case, you don’t need to purchase a new watchX, we can provide you the housing kit. The hardware is the same with the watchX you have.

All my bests, Mustafa.

Hi Mustafa,
yes I NEEEEED new housing.
Please tell me how and where I can buy it.
Thank you for all assistance.


Dear Claudio,

I reached you through your email address for the housing kit:) Please check.

I would like to publicly thank Mustafa Tulu for following me in restoring my Watchx and for giving me the help to purchase the new case/strap and double capacity battery.
Now my watch has a very nice case.
Greetings to all

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Hello Dear Claudio,

Thank you so much:) Have fun with the new housing and the battery:)