watchX Version 2.0?

Hi, Dear community members!

We have been quiet for some time. As you may know. We were working on the newer version of the watchX! I can not say that it is complete, but we are slowly getting there:) There are still things that do not fit in terms of whether we should use this display or that display. We are having discussions such as having a wifi module, vibration motor and so on.

There is one thing we are sure about we are departing from the 8-bit MCU:) We want to share some initial videos for you to see what the newer version of watchX looks like.

The below video contains a small notification test. The notification integration is based on the GadgetBridge project on the mobile app side.

Currently, the watchX is running the modified version of the Pong Clock for watchX . Please see the video below.

The new watchX is based on ATSAMD21G18 and runs a Sparkfun bootloader so it is fully Arduino compatible. In my opinion, the display should be bigger and the new watchX should definitely include a wifi + Bluetooth module. I am not sure whether it should be ESP-based or Arduino based. What do you think? What would you like to see on the new watchX?


Hello @mtulu,
It has been quite some. :slight_smile: So I do have a recommendation, I recently ordered the Lilygo T-Watch 2020 V3 it hasen’t arrived from China yet, I still enjoy my watchX unit, but the hardware wasn’t enough to make a companion app fully functional, it also lacks a color & larger display. The T-Watch has a vibration motor, BLE, Bluetooth Classic, Wi-Fi, and a large colored touchscreen display. As I pulled this watchX v2 up today it looks similar with the larger display, the better Bluetooth hardware will make my app development for watchX easier, the call & text on this watch is cool in this version. I think that you should use the vibration motor and the Wi-Fi module also keep this large display shown in the video, but a color on of this size or larger would be quite nice. The T-Watch mentioned is an ESP-based module, however Arduino is quite good too! :slight_smile: Your progress is coming along nicely, and I cannot wait until I can buy this v2! Please also add classic bluetooth.

Thanks For The Update Mustafa!


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