WatchX Simple Diag Sketch


just created this little Diag Tool for WatchX, see Video .

Get it here (Moved code to his own Repository)

Need only WatchX Libraries


  • Oled, if you don’t see anything there is something wrong with the OLED :thinking:
  • Bluetooth Module, you should see two OK’s. The first is for the Init, the second for an Factory Reset
  • i2c device scanner for MAG/RTC/MPU/BMP
  • LEDs, Buzzer & Buttons


  • Battery Voltage
  • USB Power Detection shown as “U”
  • Charging Detection shown as “C”


  • Added MLX Magnetometer on WatchX v1.3 (untested)

The Bluetooth Module is checked in “setup()”.
The Buzzer beeps at the end of the i2c scan and result ins shown.
If a Button is pressed the Oled shows an short Text and the Buzzer beep’s once.
The LEDs are blinking all the time.

i2c Devices on WatchX:
0x0E MAG3110 Magnetometer
0x68 DS3231 Real Time Clock
0x69 MPU6050 Gyroscope/Accelerometer
0x76 BMP280 Temperature/Pressure

Add Serial Output

My watchX got some problem

Also Battery voltage and USB/Charging detection


Done with v0.2 and uploaded to Github.

NEW v0.3 with detection of MLX Magnetometer on WatchX v1.3 (untested).

First Post updated.