watchX Scratch Blocks Updated!

Lately, we are giving a little more development power on coding the watchX with Scratch. It makes coding the watchX super easy. With the latest add ons you can put the watchX into sleep, you can turn the display on and off.

Please see the below Scratch watch firmware on our Instagram page highlighted stories

You can install the mBlock 3 from:
Afterwards, you can install the latest watchX Extension from: Extensions > Manage Extensions > Click Available > Search watchX

You can download the Scratch code from:

Using the watch is very straight forward. Top Left Button(TLB) enters the Bluetooth Menu Pressing and holding the TLB will get you back to watch face. When at the Bluetooth Menu TLB act as play/paus on single press. Top Right Button(TRB) will increase music on short press and change the music on long press. Same applies to Bottom Right Button(BRB)

When at the watch face single press of BRB will put watchX into sleep mode and if you press again it wakes the watchX up.

When at the watch face TRB will get you to a menu in which you can set the time.

Please comment below if you encounter any problem while following above steps!


Wonderful, I’ll give a try asap :blush:

Cool, got @ecaldir 's Pyramid Moving.

Where can I find the Analog Watchface shown at Instagram ?

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I will publish it very soon :slight_smile:

Excellent:) I am sure more awesome faces are coming:)