TapClock for WatchX

I wish all a hapy new year !

Thank you thank you thank you :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: I wish you all an amazing new year :slight_smile:

Does this have mblock file?
If yes where can I get one?

Hi, Tap clock available here Github You can upload the code using Arduino IDE. Let me know if you encounter any trouble while doing so.

Actually I wanted to add something in the code but I’m messing while using the Arduino IDE, basically I wanted to add a state where both LEDs are turned on as to use the watch as a source of light in dark.

Edit : I got through, now I have both LEDs turn-on on full power whenever I want.

Perfect:) It’s a cool need feature :slight_smile: You may consider adding a party mode to the LEDs :smiley:

Sure, I’m learning… can you advise me whether I should use Arduino IDE or mblock, as for my knowledge I’m a software engineering student and have a fair amount of experience in programming.

I highly recommend Arduino IDE. You can use scratch to see how we use certain components of watchX.

I would also like to use Arduino IDE, but I need documentation of libraries in reference to watchX hardware.

Here you can find detailed information about the sensors and components used in watchX: http://watchx.io/download/watchX%20User’s%20Manual%20-%20V1.1%20English%20A4.pdf

While designing the watchX we make sure that selected components have wide library and support on the internet. For example MPU6050 is the most common IMU used in DIY electronics, same for the BMP280 and MLX90393. Let me know if you need more information :slight_smile:

Currently my problem is program space I guess some library is using most of it, can you name that library please and any alternative to it with less space requirement?

Oled library is one of the libraries that uses most of the space. MPU and BMP libraries also take a lot of space if I remember correctly.

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