TapClock for WatchX


Wow!! Thanks so much, next monday i’ll try and comment. :grinning::grinning::grinning:


I am having a little experiment with TapClock firmware. I removed the BT module(don’t try this at home) to see if it will make a dramatic effect on battery life.

The test still continues. It’s been 30 hours. The battery is at 3.85V. It looks like it won’t make a huge effect on battery life. I will continue to share the updates.


30hrs and 3.85V, should be something like 60%.
Let’s see, but I am sure you will see more than 50hrs.
MPU is off?


It was around %60 at the time. Yes the MPU is off. I guess it will end up something like 59 hours.


The test lasted around 69 hours. It’s 10 hours more then I anticipated. The watchX was at test rig so I was not using it. Overall, yes the removal of Bluetooth module increased the battery life but not dramatically. I believe a BT firmware with a sleep function can do the same which we are working on it:).


Could you do the same test with BLE Module.

My maximum was around 52hrs, but with normal usage.


I previously did and I got 53 hours with normal usage:)


You need to test again under normal usage conditions.

And could you try SleepyClock with the Board which has no BLE?
Set SLEEPTIME to 250ms.


I am now testing the watch with no BT with normal usage condition:) Once it’s complete I will test the SleepyClock;)

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