TapClock for WatchX

Wow!! Thanks so much, next monday i’ll try and comment. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

I am having a little experiment with TapClock firmware. I removed the BT module(don’t try this at home) to see if it will make a dramatic effect on battery life.

The test still continues. It’s been 30 hours. The battery is at 3.85V. It looks like it won’t make a huge effect on battery life. I will continue to share the updates.

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30hrs and 3.85V, should be something like 60%.
Let’s see, but I am sure you will see more than 50hrs.
MPU is off?

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It was around %60 at the time. Yes the MPU is off. I guess it will end up something like 59 hours.

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The test lasted around 69 hours. It’s 10 hours more then I anticipated. The watchX was at test rig so I was not using it. Overall, yes the removal of Bluetooth module increased the battery life but not dramatically. I believe a BT firmware with a sleep function can do the same which we are working on it:).

Could you do the same test with BLE Module.

My maximum was around 52hrs, but with normal usage.

I previously did and I got 53 hours with normal usage:)

You need to test again under normal usage conditions.

And could you try SleepyClock with the Board which has no BLE?
Set SLEEPTIME to 250ms.

I am now testing the watch with no BT with normal usage condition:) Once it’s complete I will test the SleepyClock;)

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Get in contact with the Guys from ArgeX by sending a mail to info[at]argex[dot]io.


Why I got this error when I was trying to build the code

In file included from /Applications/Arduino.app/Contents/Java/hardware/arduino/avr/cores/arduino/Arduino.h:28:0,
from sketch/TapClock_v0.8.5.ino.cpp:1:
/Users/zachary/Documents/Arduino/libraries/i2cdevlib-MPU6050/MPU6050_6Axis_MotionApps_V6_12.h:138:54: error: conflicting declaration ‘const unsigned char dmpMemory [3062]’
const unsigned char dmpMemory[MPU6050_DMP_CODE_SIZE] PROGMEM = {
In file included from /Users/zachary/Documents/Arduino/TapClock_v0.8.5/TapClock_v0.8.5.ino:10:0:
/Users/zachary/Documents/Arduino/libraries/i2cdevlib-MPU6050/MPU6050_9Axis_MotionApps41.h:124:21: note: previous declaration as ‘const unsigned char dmpMemory [1962]’
const unsigned char dmpMemory[MPU6050_DMP_CODE_SIZE] PROGMEM = {
In file included from /Users/zachary/Documents/Arduino/TapClock_v0.8.5/TapClock_v0.8.5.ino:13:0:
/Users/zachary/Documents/Arduino/libraries/i2cdevlib-MPU6050/MPU6050_6Axis_MotionApps_V6_12.h:352:9: error: redefinition of ‘uint8_t MPU6050::dmpInitialize()’
uint8_t MPU6050::dmpInitialize() { // Lets get it over with fast Write everything once and set it up necely

I think the error is related with the Arduino IDE you are using. What is the version of your Arduino IDE? Recommendations:

  • Un-install the Arduino IDE and re-install it. If possible with a higher version number then the current one.
  • Try to upload the code on another computer.

Arduino 1.8.10
I think there are duplicated declaration in 6Axis and 9Axis h files, while you import all the 3 libs.

I have just gone through the i2c code and example

#include “MPU6050_6Axis_MotionApps_V6_12.h”
//#include “MPU6050.h” // not necessary if using MotionApps include file

It seems that you can only chose one lib from the MPU6050.h and the 3 MotionApps files.
The 3 MotionApps files seems to work for different chips.

I am happy that you sort it out;)

So why you include all the 3 MotionApps libs?
Which one should be left?

I can successfully compile the project by commenting 2 MotionApps .h files.
So the question now is, which one should be used?

as this sketch uses (up from v0.5.7) the mpu6050 lib by jrowberg you need to remove the ArgeX MPU Lib from the libraries folder because of name conflicts.

Or, what I do,
I use a dedicated project folder only for my WatchX programming enviroment with the mpu6050 lib by jrowberg and only with the other needed libraries which are written down at the end of the readme.

Used Libraries
-watchX libs by ArgeX see http://watchx.io/downloads_en.html.
!! You need to remove the MPU6050 Library because of name conflicts !!
-I2CDEVLIB see https://github.com/jrowberg/i2cdevlib
-Bounce2 see https://github.com/thomasfredericks/Bounce2
-Pin Change Interrupt (PCINT) see https://github.com/NicoHood/PinChangeInterrupt
-SSD1306 Text Library see https://github.com/greiman/SSD1306Ascii
-DS3232RTC RTC Library see https://github.com/JChristensen/DS3232RTC
-Streaming by Mikal Hart see https://github.com/geneReeves/ArduinoStreaming fork of Mikal Hart’s streaming5.zip
-NewTone by Tim Eckel see https://bitbucket.org/teckel12/arduino-new-tone/wiki/Home

I hope this helps…