My watchX got some problem

watchX suddenly doesnt work.
srceen doesnt show the clock when i push the side button.

I push the white button behind the srceen, and install Nwatch again.
But the problem doesnt be fixed.
BTW, I use the code"BUZZ" and “OLED”, it works~.

why code"Nwatch-master" doesnt work ?


Hello Dear Lival,

Can you please share the problem output?

there is not error message in Arduino.
when I upload “OLED”, screen works.
but I upload “whatchX”, screen doesnt work.
1st photo is upload “OLED”
2ed photo is upload “watchX” in Arduino.

On usb AND on battery it doesn’t work ? It could be a power supply issue but that is strange.

After you upload the watchX firmware, do you press any button to wake the watch up? Do you hear sound when you press a button?

I press the white side button, but there’s no sound

yes, it is on usb and on battery

Can we make sure that you are uploading the firmware at this site: Also After you upload the code and when the watchX is connected to PC press of a button makes any sound?

yes, I upload the firmware at this site, and the watchX is connected to pc. after uploading, I press the button, then there’s no sounds. (still connected to PC

Maybe a video might help, can’t really imagine why this may happen.

please help me fix my watchX ~ :sob:
I uploaded video on youtube.

Please enable all compiler and transfer messages to be shown in the status window and make a new video.
Goto preferences of the arduino gui to do this.
Try also the demo sketch which tests the buttons.

we should write a sketch where you can test the hardware devices.

I record a new video(enable all message).

Looks normal.
Try the Demo sketches for the Buttons.
If I remember correctly the buttons should turn on the led(s).

Uups, I thought there was an dedicated test sketch for the buttons.

Are you able to write a quick button&led test sketch? I have one at home, will post it later.

Here we are.
The Buttons on the Top should let the “same side led” light,
the lower Button on the right should light both led’s.

#define LEDL 13
#define LEDR 6
#define BUTTON1 8 // PullUp
#define BUTTON2 11 // PullUp
#define BUTTON3 10 // PullUp

void setup() {
// put your setup code here, to run once:

pinMode(LEDL, OUTPUT);
pinMode(LEDR, OUTPUT);


void loop() {
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

digitalWrite(LEDL, !digitalRead(BUTTON1) || !digitalRead(BUTTON3));
digitalWrite(LEDR, !digitalRead(BUTTON2) || !digitalRead(BUTTON3));


I upload the sketch you post.
these three buttons are ok, they turn on the same side led or both leds.

Try this: WatchX Simple Diag

one side LED lights,and screen shows
“WatchX Diag v0.1

The screen should be similar to

Except the RTC-Ram which is part of my RTC Breakout and my BLE was switched off.
B1-3 will appear after Button usage.
Both LEDs should blink, one after the other.

should I download “WatchX_Diag_v0.1.ino” into which folder?