Monoprice Select mini v2


Early days but I got it out of the box leveled the bed for 20 minutes then started the example cat file.

Printing about a 3rd of the way through so far. Looks ok from my limited knowledge.


First print


Okay, it looks like Santa put a 3D printer under the tree :yum::star_struck: The print looks okay to me:) How is your experience so far with the setup of the printer and the print?


I unboxed it, levelled the bed and started printing the test file in around 20 minutes.

There are some minor blobby artifacts on the back side of the print but nothing major.

Not sure if you can see in the picture or not.

I’m really happy with it though. It’s a little noisy but not overly. I was watching a movie while it was printing. I think it would be a lot quieter if it was sat on some sort of mat or rubbers to stop it vibrating through the table.


I really liked how compact the printer is. Yes, I can see the some artifacts on the back side, white color is good at hiding them though. I think grey is the color to see the print qulity. Also the filament is a key factor in print quality. I don’t know which brand you are using but colorfabb is our favorite so far.

FYI, keeping the filament dry is very important, make sure that you keep them away from humadity. For better results you can put the filament into oven at a very low temp(Google search required :slightly_smiling_face: ).


That cat was printed with some sample filament that came with the printer. I have a roll of black sunlu filament that I will have to use next.


Interestingly there are no artifacts on the front and that’s where the part cooling fan mostly blows. I may need another fan or a shroud.


Any idea what is causing these artifacts?


Doing some research these are blobs/zits so these are probably start/end points. I will need to find a quick part to print to use to dial the settings in.


Guess what I am printing…


This case is my best print yet! Absolutely flawless. I used coasting and upped the retraction distance and speed. Not a blob in sight.


The case really look flawless! Nice job printer:) @ecaldir is the 3D printer expert:) Let’s see what he will say about artifacts at the back:)


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

From my point of view, the prints look really good for this price-point. But, stabling printer is a very important step. You can put some rubber under the printer to prevent vibration and try putting it on a really solid table so that it won’t wiggle around. These will have some minor effect on your print quality.

When it comes to print quality, some materials love cooling, some don’t… So, if you are printing with PLA or PETG having cooling fans blowing over all sides of the print will increase your print quality.

And you should see some marks like this on somewhere at your prints,

These are the points where your printer finishes one layer and goes up in Z-Direction to begin another. There is no actual way to hide this artifact in FDM machines. But there was a selection tool in Cura as far as I remember. You can select to separate these points 360 degrees around your print or you can select to collect them at a specific side.

And last but not least, good quality filament is a must have to achieve the best results.

Iam looking forward to seeing more of your prints. :wink:


Thanks @ecaldir you diagnosed it the same as r/3dprinting. I have increased my retraction speed and distance, I also enabled coasting and retraction at layer change and the blobs are barely noticeable now.

I printed this little guy for my daughter using Sunlu PLA+

The cooling is definitely inadequate as the back and right side of my prints are not as good quality as the front and left and that seems to be where the fan blows. I have ordered some usb fans that I am going to mount near the printer that will be plugged into my smart power strip. These I will run all the time when printing PLA.

This is a really good printer for the money. There is a huge community around it.


I am glad to hear :blush: @NicholasAngle . And the print looks really good too.


I printed the watch case and Lego figure at fine which is .13mm layer height. It seemed to give a nicer finish than .2 although in reality the difference is not as big as you would think.


Flexi-Rex is born


Pump my printer cupboard…

Everything is powered by a smart power strip so can be remote controlled individually.
It has:

  • Octopi
  • USB LED lights
  • USB 80mm fans
  • Smoke detector



This kinda scary :smiley: That smoke detector better be working:)