Monoprice Select mini v2


Do you use Cura or another Software? (was is answered before?)


Yes the smoke detector works, it is new for the purpose. I was looking for a smart one that could turn my powerstrip off but I couldn’t fine a reasonably priced one that didn’t need hubs and gateways etc. I had also planned to put a fire ball in there like this…

MINI AFO Auto Fire Extinguisher Ball. Automatic fire suppression. Multi Purpose Fire Extinguisher Self-activation. For all types of fires. Ideal for high risk areas and secluded places. CE SGS SNAS mark

I spent a while last night sorting all the cabling etc out.


Yes I use the latest version of Cura.


I’m impressed by everything you have done in 2 weeks :see_no_evil:


Than more i see and read I am getting more a fan of this little printer.
I did some prints with with makerbots in the makerspace of an public library with really bad results (raft plate warping).
I think an location near to an big outside window with an heating system not far away in a really big hall is not the best location for an 3D Printer.

Octoprint is working fine?


Yeah octoprint works great. I used it last night to print 2 rings of a cryptex. You have to install a plug in to get around some weirdness with their serial protocol but then it works like a charm.
Im really happy with this printer. Yes it’s a little slow and has a fairly small build volume but it does work very well and there is a huge community for it. Im not sure how true it is but Monoprice claim they have sold more of this printer than any other single model of consumer 3d printer.

Here is a vid of the print.


I think the build surface is worn out already.

It’s not as tough as it was (quite smooth in places). Prints used to be impossible to get off but now they barely stick at all.

Time to replace the build surface?


Rub it down with isopropyl, if you haven’t tried that yet. if you decide to get a new build platform, try a sheet of PEI. that stuff is awesome if you have a heated bed! at 60 deg C it makes the prints stick super well and when cooled down they easily come off.