Can't use the watch

Can’t get new watchx to work.

Having assembled the watch it wants to be charged. We charge it to 100%. It then says push any button. A PacMan type display is shown but that is the end of interacting with the watch.

Nothing works. I tried all buttons short push, long push, multiple buttons. Nothing changes. The watch continues to show a single horizontal line with the pacman display actively chomping up dots. The only thing I can accomplish is to let it fully discharge the battery to 0% at which time I can repeat the above process.

What shall I do? Return the watch? Is there a reset trick?


Hello Dear John,

Thank you for posting on the community. watchX is designed to teach our users how to code. Your next step is to install watchX a watch firmware. You can either start to learn from the basics or upload a ready to use firmware.

In order to learn how to code the watchX, please register to and browse the courses at Course .

If you wish to upload a ready to use watch firmware please visit Course and pick a watch firmware that you wish to install. Each watch face has a .hex file inside the folder so you don’t need to compile each firmware, you can install them by following the steps(arduboy uploader method) described here How to upload watch faces to watchX?

If any of these sounds complicated. Please let me know so that we arrange a 1 - 1 remote support:)

Please let us know your progress:)