Buy Printed Cases


Is there anyone here printing cases for sale? I was kindly given one of the older top design but the top popped off and I lost a button.

I’ll happily pay for someone to print me another.


I’ve printed several with good results, but unfortunately, that’s a problem with the design. You can tweak and play with the finished pieces to try and get them to snap together tighter, but you risk the chance of cracking the OLED displays. I know, I’ve cracked two, and waiting for 4 more displays to arrive. Also, the buttons are really tricky to print, and work properly.


I have a spare display that I could swap for a case. I also broke one and ordered 4 more so I have some left.


Hi, I am sorry for your poor experience. Did you tried to print a remix of our case from here? It might be able to hold itself together with the help of the strap.

About the tolerances, we wanted to design a case that could fit together without any glue or any specific fastening features. I have tested them with many different 3D printers tried to give the best tolerances in between. But some printers have different quality outputs and some may miss calibration. So some of our customers face difficulties like you do.

I am designing new watch cases and I will publish them soon. Stay tuned! This time I am sure we will have a solution for this popping out problem :slight_smile:


I don’t have a 3d printer unfortunately.


Dear Nicholas, which country do you live in?

There are a lot of 3D printing services. And from what I know 3D Hubs gives a general idea of their distribution, you should definitely check them out. If you can’t find any place to print you can try Shapeways too.

But again, I would be happy to help you. Please, make your research about local printing options. If you run out of luck. Just let me know. :wink:


I had used the makerspace 3d printer of the public book library in cologne for my first case.

Internet printing companies are mostly too expensive.

I got a few PLA’s from Dalida‘s printing in Instanbul (remeber the TPU printed case at Reddit) in really good quality.


Yeah I found that. I would end up paying £20 for a case.

I am looking to buy a 3d printer but I haven’t settled in which one yet.

I’ve been looking at:
Ender 3 - Most recommend but can be a pain to put together and maintain
Monoprice select 2/balco - looks very good seems more plug and play but is bigger (I have limited space)
Monoprice mini maker? Also plug and play but had small build volume. Does have a heated bed though
Davinci Pro jnr - Love the look of these printers and the pro has not DRM and works with any software. No heated bed though.

I want something that just works. I don’t want to faff around too much. I also want something that looks nice as it will have to go in my lounge as I have no other space for it.


I am a fan of the original Prusa i3 MK3.
I need to talk with my finance minister next year.


My wife has already said “just buy one”. I am just trying to establish if that actually means if I can or not.


@venice1200 The “Finance Minister” is your wife I guess :smiley:
My dad always calls my mother as “The Minister of Internal Affairs” :joy::joy:

Dear @NicholasAngle , I have experience in designing and building my own 3D printers and using many different devices.

This was the machine family that I designed :smile: (then I left the company but that’s a story for another day)


In my opinion, the best FDM machine on the market is Zortrax M200. If your budget is ok, just go with it. If not, we can decide other options.


I’m looking at the Monoprice ultimate at the moment. £299


I want something around that price that looks tidy (it will go next to my TV). I also want it to have a decent build volume without taking up too much space. Ideally with a heated bed.


Hmm, that machine looks suspiciosluy like the M200 from Zortrax. I do not know about the print quality touhg.

Keep us posted about it if you buy one. I am curious :slight_smile:


Apparently it’s a wanhao duplicator 6 re-badge


I highly recommend the perforated build platform design. If you can mod the machine do not think twice. It is the best build plate adhesion solution in my opinion.

Other than that, the machines look really similar to each other. I hope the printing quality is similar too, because it is an extreme bargain between M200 and Duplicator 6 - Monoprice.


Review: Monoprice Maker Ultimate 3D Printer | Hackaday › 2016/08/30 › rev…



For me the best compromise are the CR10 clones You will find them between 300 and 400 $.
They are very simple to use and you can get very good quality.
The only negative point for you is the “design” because they are open.
But you have to consider than : more open it is, the easiest it will be to adjust it (and you are a DIY guy :wink: ). The “closed” one such as davinci won’t allow you to tune it or to repair it easily.


No I get the open thing and I am a maker. I just don’t have a man space and I trying to pick a printer that doesn’t get moved into the shed because it’s either too noisy or looks a mess :slight_smile:
I am liking the Monoprice Ultimate at the moment. A lot of the reviews say it does stringy prints though. My second favourite so far is the anycubic i3 mega but that is a bit noisy.

I may buy or make a price of furniture to hide it in. I have a cupboard in my lounge that might have a big enough space for a 3d printer.


Just in case you change your mind, here is a very very good deal : with no fee because it’s shipped from Europe