Buy Printed Cases


Looks good but it is way too big for my lounge.

How often do you think my build volume is too small?

There are some really nice 120x120x120 build volume printers

200x200x200 seems the most common.


It depend on what you’ll print of course. As a (small) maker, I’m using 3d printer for small pieces to optimize my projects and small one are more than enough. But if you want to make “art” pieces, such as 10 hours of printing, the bigger one will allow you more creativity of course.


mine is 200 * 200 * 200. perhaps that 120 is quite small


I have a Monoprice Select mini V2 on the way.


Glad to hear! Please share your thoughts about the device when it arrives.

And if you can open a review topic for that printer that would be awesome too. :relaxed:


If anyone else in the UK gets really stuck I could probably arrange to print a case for them as long as they cover my costs. I know I would have happily paid someone to print one for a fair price before I had a printer.