Bluetooth App For watchX

Hope that you saw my last project on controlling a Tello drone with watchX!
If not here it is: watchX Tello Drone Control Bluetooth & WiFi
Well anyway I was wondering if it was possible to make an app for the watchX for a phone/tablet to show if someone is calling or texting.

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Hi there. Yes, it is possible in theory. But there must be a dedicated mobile app and a dedicated watchX firmware to achieve this goal.

This is surely on our to-do list. But I can not give a specific deadline for that. :smiley:


Ok, thanks! Currently I am coming up with more and more projects for this clever watch!
First Up Will Be: Controlling Nabot AI with watchX!
Second Will Be Making a really, really cool watch face, I will upload on the community, but the cool thing will be that firmware will connect to PC/Tablet/Phone! I will also share the app!

So I’m starting to write this watch face in watchX Blocks! And also an Mblocks & Arduino Version will also be released! I’m also developing the app! I will most likely be done around the end of this year. I will finish with Nabot AI project before summer!

I have finished the firmware & app! Download on GitHub: !!!
The .apk is for your phone & the .wxb is for watchX, please note that you need watchX Blocks!!

I had this error on watchX Blocks “” Is it because the watchX Blocks version that I am using. What is your watchX Blocks version? You can find it at about section of the app:)

My version is 1.0.1541. I did fix the code, it should work now, also you could open the code in Mblocks 3 &/or Arduino IDE. Let me know if this works.

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I still have this error “Error during build: text section exceeds available space in board” I will try it with Arduino IDE as well.

Ok, sorry about that! :frowning: