WordClock for WatchX

a very basic Watchface in Word-Clock Style.
See: https://github.com/venice1200/TapClock/tree/master/WordClock

2018-12-09 v0.2.2 Battery and AM/PM Symbols, need modded font from here
2018-12-04 v0.2.1 PM-Bugfix
2018-12-03 v0.2.0 Release


Battery Runtime: ~50hrs

Wakeup from Sleep is done with the Right Lower Button
If Time is shown press ULB for Time Menu or URB for Stats Page.
See TapClock for usage Details.



Any plans on adding sleep mode:)

that was just a prove of concept.
The text is really hard to read so we will see.

Should be easy to implement in the base of my TapClock sketch.

Yes, may be changing the watch face with BR button could be really nice:)

v0.2 based on TapClock uploaded to Github.
Wakeup is done with the Right Lower Button. The MPU is send to sleep.
Needs PinChangeInterrupt Library from Nico Hood (search Lib Manager) and all other Libs needed by TapClock.

As the MPU is (should be) in Sleep Mode I hope the battery held a bit longer as with TapClock.

First Post updated


v0.2.1 uploaded
PM Bug fixed. At hours > 12 no Hour-Text was shown/inverted.
AM/PM Indicator added.
Battery indicator slightly modified.

First post updated

Wooow it’s a a giant step after the first release. It’s my new watch face right now:) I will share my experience at following posts;)

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But it‘s really hard to read.
The Display Timeout needs to be longer than 5s (for orientation).
Battery Time is great with MPU/MAG sleeping.

I had a good battery time as well, however it looks like there is still room for a better battery usage.

Uploaded v0.2.2
This Version uses the modified “System5x7” font and got some updates at

  • Showing Battery level and the new Battery Symbol
  • Added an AM/PM Symbol
  • Stats Page

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