We are releasing the new watchX Blocks Program!

I am so excited to announce that we will release a special program that we develop in order to code the watchX with Scratch. We are looking for beta testers who can test the new program and report us any issue.

Please DM me to take part:) Thank you so much!


Hello guys,

I had a first try today on it, but unfortunately not long enough to try everything.

My first feeling is : amazing. It’s so easy to use, it’s very fluid, intuitive and quick.
And I love the dual screen bloc - C++.

Good job :+1:

I’ll still play with it and try more programing. See you later :wink:


Hello Dear @francois,

We are super happy to receive your positive comments:) We are thrilled to hear them. We are working hard to make it better:)

All my bests, Mustafa.

Hello guys,

I’m working tonight on watchx blocks and I have 2 bugs (not sure I already had it before or not).
I’m not able to rename a variable (the keyboard doesn’t change any text).

Also the “setting” of “if” bloc doesn’t allow me to change into else or else if. It shows the 3 options but when I clic on them there is no change.

EDIT : I was using it wrong. You need to change in the box panel. My bad :wink:

Also I’m working on “bounce” to play with the model but as some variables are integer and other are float, it doesn’t work. I change everything into float and use a “round” to change the position into pixel value and it works well :wink:

I’ll post later this last example

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Hey @francois

Glad to hear that you are pushing the watchX Blocks into its limits:) We are updating the watchX Blocks every day so I highly suggest you to download the latest version from here watchX . We just added the watch face firmware upload option inside the menu, I don’t know if you tried that or not:)

Please keep us posted:)
All my bests, Mustafa.

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Indeed, the last version works perfectly and I can rename a variable.

But I saved a code in xml from last version and I’m not able to open it from new version.

Any tips to do it ?

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Ho, and Watch face firmware is awesome, great job :grinning:

I have also seen that some game in hex file was stored in the ressources, do you plan to insert arduboy inside the software ?

Edit : ok, the Hex files are actually the watch faces :roll_eyes: sorry, it’s late, I’ll stop here lol.

But the question is still valid : is it possible to paste hex files from arduboy and upload them from watch face firmware ?

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We can for sure upload the hex files for the later releases:) That is actually a really good idea:) Looking forward to your future feedback:)

How to upload it to the watchX?

Hi Cody you mean how to upload games to watchX?

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Never mind, I got it to work! :slight_smile:

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Hey guys,

I’ve been trying to download WatchX blocks on my PC as well as my Mac but neither seem to want to launch the program or download the .exe file at all. Do you have any idea as to why that would be?

Thank you for the help, I am absolutely loving the product.

Windows detects it as a trojan virus.

Hey @Navaar Our watchX Blocks software uses a platform called Electron The electron requires full trust on some part of the code in order to function properly. Not something that we can control. That is why you receive warnings from mac and pc. You should allow the program to run as instructed on the user manual. Please don’t hesitate to reach if you have any questions.

Thank you for the response I reinstalled windows and the program ran, I appreciate all your help! Thank you again.



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