watchX is renewed!

Hi everyone,

I am so excited and proud to share this with you. We have renewed the watchX design. A brand new plastic-injection molded housing is ready for the watchX and it will be sold in this form factor from now on. :slightly_smiling_face:

We have been working on this design for about 6 months. Lots of different versions are tested, evaluated and re-designed. We are so proud of this new look.

We have beautiful front-facing tempered glass. Which is a little bit tinted to give a uniform big display illusion. The buttons are made out of chrome, they are %100 stainless for a lifetime. We have over-molded brass nuts and stainless steel screws. You can screw and unscrew them countless times without wearing off the parts. The straps are 22mm standard silicon watch straps. They come in two sizes for children and adult use. But you can easily swap them and use the watchX with your favorite watch strap.

It is %100 compatible with the previous versions of the watchX. You can also buy the housing separately and use it on your existing watchX.

There will be many more colorful straps and cases coming in the future.

You can get the case separately for your existing watchX from here;

And you can buy the new version directly from here;

Note; the watchX PCB and overall designed is not changed.


First of all congratz! Obviously it is a quality case, maybe I will buy it someday. Looks nice for kids tho.

BUTTT. "We have over-molded brass nuts and stainless steel screws. You can screw and unscrew them countless times without wearing off the parts "
well done for this one, I think you will have to unscrew the screws every time you upload a new firmware, is this right? I allways have to push reset button when uploading with arduino, if that so seems like a deal braker.

Personally I remember what drew me to this project, the raw look of the pcb board so this anonymous design is not appealing to me. But I did noticed the quality of the materials

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Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:
Sure, if you want to push the reset button, you have to open the case. But it is just 4 screws :smiley:

Actually, it was a challenge to make it as good-looking as possible and make it easy to assemble at once. We had lots of user feedback that requested a high-quality casing for the watchX.

But you can always use a 3D printed case for the reset issue, or you can use it in it’s raw format as well :upside_down_face:

Indisputably what you did is a good thing. good job! I know that my taste in design is subjective. For now I will stay with the printed versions.

How good do you think the new case is in terms of waterproofing?

In the future, do you think that the reset button can be inserted on the side, much like on old devices? I dont know where I saw that last time maybe in tamagochi. :grinning:

This looks amazing, also personally I hope you guy could design a better power managing system, which can make battery last longer

Hello Dear Lawrence,

We have increased our battery capacity to 250mAh, the new housing design allows this bigger battery to fit in. Currently, the run time of TapClock firmware is solid 5 days:)

5 days is really decent :stuck_out_tongue:

Niceee didnt know, these batteries are common, can I find them on the market? is this good? And the board can handle bigger than this?
5 days is indeed verry decent. :clap:

I would love to purchase the housing kit, as I have owned the prototype for a while and would love a bit more protection for everyday use. The only problem, again, is that you can only buy it if you have a credit card. Common guys, what is up with that? Why? Where I live not many people own a credit card, I managed 36 years without one. I will not get one just to buy the housing for a watchx…

Is there no chance of you accepting paypal or something like that?
If this whole thing was easier to buy, I would have gotten more units for a bunch of interested people. You guys are cheating yourselves out of business.

Replied over DM:) Just to clear out, paypal refused to pay tax in out country hence it is forbidden:) We miss paypal so much:)