watchX Altimeter for DIY Drone


I always amazed by flying objects:) That’s why I am somehow related with them since 2011. Last month I was able to build a DIY drone with the parts that laying around the house. The thing that was missing was an altimeter:D

Thankfully the code is provided from our community:) It’s built for a different purpose but it suited my need as well:)

Here is the fligh video, enjoy:


Great job with the build! That looks to be a WatchX drone huh? I’ve built two quadcopter drones, and always struggled with flight stability!
Looks like yours performs nicely!


Thank you David:) Yes we can sort of say it’s a watchX Drone:D My drone’s stability does not at a point which I find it stable:) It’s related with the Flight Management Unit though. It uses a Naza M Lite, Wookong is much more stable:)