Upload the Firmware

Hello, I plug my Watch in the PC, a green light goes on, after a feew seconds it turn off.
I download the Firmwear from the GitHub Link, the Libaries and the exampleas, than I start the Arduino IDE, try to put the Libaries in the Arduino IDE but it doesnt work.
How can I upload the Firmwear and the Libaries?
My setup is a ThinkPad with Win10 but i can use a Laptop with Ubuntu.

Thanks and grettings from Germany.

Hello Marv,

Can you please try to upload this firmware NWatch firmware port to watchX

Hey, I try the firmware from the link, but it looks a bit strange and dont work.

Can you please share screenshot? How does it look?

Hope it helps, my watch was pluged in while the Uploading, at the moment the screenshot is whil working with Win10.


Hello Marvin,

Can you please re-install the libraries as instructed at the video https://youtu.be/Lqk1239_wpo

Yes, it works completly after the new upload. Thank you verry much!

Hello @marv,

Excellent! I am so happy to hear that:)