Tips and Tricks column

Could we have something like a tips and tricks column for talking about code snippets.

Of course we can.

Can you explain in more detail so that I can decide weather we should have a brand new category or a subcategory in one of the existing ones. :blush:

Am thinking of something where we post small code snippets or remarkeble information useful for all.
Like the small code part I used for USB detection.

If you put them somewhere in an normal discussion they are hard to find and going under.
Like Pinned Topics.

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What do you think about a subcategory under education category?

That category was decided to discuss about what we learned in the way and how can we share our experience. I think a sub-category like Coding Tips & Tricks will fit there.

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I think that’s fine :+1:

It’s Done :blush:

Thank you for your contribution to the community.

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I see an „Private“ message when I open the new Tips & Tricks Page.

Thanks :v: