TapClock for WatchX


I think it’s enough to check battery on every wake up. If the battery is below certain point, we may warn the user with led blink. As the battery level gets critically low, we may use buzzer:) What do you think?

#Edit: Such an amazing update:) I just uploaded. It’s more amazing then it’s used to be:) I had to install so many new libraries though;)

#Edit-2 I have been using the new update for last 12 hours. Here is the issues I find out so far:

  • MPU motion LED stays turned on once the watch detects a motion.
  • Right part of the Zeros cut out so they look like C


Will hopefully be fixed within the next version release.

Could you show me this with an picture please.


I uploaded v0.8.4 of TapClock to Github.

Some changes done

  • Battery checks => Warning & Critcal Alarm
  • Icon for showing MPU is enabled.
  • Some fixes for v0.8.2

First Post Updated


This may be my fault because I uploaded the previous version and it happened to that one as well, I know it was working perfectly on the previous version. I will test and inform you again;)


Ok, but I personaly got never cropped symbols.
Make sure you use an unmodified version of the ssd1306 library.


Yes, that might be the case;)


You can try my binary from here


with the ArduBoy Loader


Will try it out and post back the results:)
Thank you!