Some problems of a newbie in WatchX


Hi everyone!
I got my WatchX today.But some problems happened to me.
I cannot upload my libraries,it seems that there are something wrong with it.
But I download it in,so I don’t know what should I do.
My English is very poor,so there will be something wrong with grammers.


Hello, could you explain a little bit more : what do you mean by not able to upload? What have you done and where is it struggling?


Arduino:1.8.7 (Windows 10), 开发板:“Arduino Leonardo”

open NUL: The system cannot find the file specified.
为开发板 Arduino Leonardo 编译时出错。

在文件 -> 首选项开启


Hello @HyWhiteFl welcom to our watchX family:) Some of our users having trouble to upload code on windows 10, this is not an issue with the watchX but the Arduino IDE itself.

Is it possible for you to try at a different pc with windows 7?


Thanks for your advice.
However,I compiled it on my Macbook.The watchX is very nice.


Thank you:) Ist it possible for you to share the screenshot of the problem? A video would also help a lot:)


I’m afraid I can’t.Well,in China,we have a internet wall,it means that we can hardly view a website out of China.It is very slow for my now when I am sending my reply.Share a video or screenshot is almost impossible for me.:sob:


Oh, this is so pity:( Can you please share as much information as possible regarding to problem?