Some issue with WatchX/Firmware

Hey everyone!

I am a new user here. I like the idea of ​​programming that Watchx itself offers.

Anyway I got some issue.

  1. When I install firmware from this i can’t open Menu and it looks like no buttons works (yes all). I can see only Date/Time/Battery etc, on first screen.

  2. I find some website that have some firmware for WatchX (
    maybe someone will use it. I download some firmware from this website and install it, everything looks great and working i can go to menu and example go to “Change Date/Time”, when i try to save or something the button isn’t working.

Can anyone help me? I can proof a video or something.


Case solved through email exchange:) We find out that it was firmware that is buggy:)

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That’s True! WatchX/Argex Support are great, fast response! :slight_smile:

One thing that happened to me using WatchX is a hard-clicking button (I use diagnose software to check it). I have to push it differently, the ground that everything works. The firmware can download from < example (working on my watchx is: [download watchX firmware for Arduino Sketch (5)])

Regards! :smiley:

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