SleepyClock for watchX v1.2


I have uploaded SleepyClock to Github.
The Project is build with the Atom Editor and PlatformIO (PIO).

SleepyClock is generally based on TapClock, but it works from the wakeup point of view, more like “Basic Watch”.

I have (re-)moved the documentation to

Get the files from here:

Very Urgent, you need an calibrated MPU!
Work in progress…


Wow this is an exciting post:) Can’t wait to test it out :confetti_ball::tada: I am using Atom editor which is fun, it won’t be an issue to try it.


Runtime with 500ms SLEEPTIME, MAG in Sleepmode.

45hrs at 33% Battery.
49hrs at 20% > Night > Empty in the Morning


This is almost close to interrupt based sleep mode:) Plus you have IMU enabled.


Yes, but 500ms SleepTime is too much as you have to wait too long for the clock.
The System needs more than one turn to detect the position if it comes from motion.

Maybe it can be tuned a bit.


Github is updated (to v0.1.7)
I have modified the wakeup/position detection a bit to get better reaction.
Every wakeup the system has a 20ms time window for position detection.

With 500ms SLEEPTIME i’am currently at 40hrs runtime and 23% battery.
I don‘t think i get 2 days runtime.