Simple Line Game with watchX and Scratch

We have a very powerful scratch extension. Currently preparing a book that’s why we are making a lot of examples. One of which is a simple line game.

In order to install this game or modify, first please download mblock3 from THIS link. Then go to “extensions -> manage extensions” and search for “watchX” Once installed download the game and open it.

Download the game from THIS link

Once opened, click “board” select “arduino leonardo” then click “connect -> Serial Port” and select the correct com port. Finally click “Edit -> Arduino Mode” then hit “Upload to Arduino” at the right side of the window.

Game is very simple there is a random pixel appears and you should pass the pixel without hitting it:)

You can experiment with different projects with scratch, there are many features such as sleep, oled on and off functions, bluetooth and so on.

Here is a video of the game:

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This wa a little too hard for me. But an interesting game.

I was not able to go beyond level 3, is there anyone to beat me? :smiley:

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