Replacement parts


I would like to start and say I was looking forward to playing around with this watch, somewhat short lasted I ■■■■p into something and broke one of the switches(buttons).

Im oki with soldering and relapsing components. Im hoping for a page where i can bye replacement parts for absent-minded people like me :slight_smile:

Hello Patric,

We just moved to community and this is the first post so yayy :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Below two part will work:

1st one is black so you may don’t want to use a white switch. But If your intention is changing all the buttons then go with the second one.

Some of our family members had issue with the button so we changed our supplier. All V1.3 watchX boards are manufactured with the E-Switch buttons (Second one :slight_smile: )

Soldering instructions:

  • Don’t unsolder the buttons with a heat gun, try to add more solder and short groupped two pins.
  • Heat the two leg, you can switch between them then button will come lose.
  • Use solder wick to clean the solder on the pads. Don’t use vaccum tube.
  • If you have solder paste, apply it on pads. If you don’t put a little solder on one of the pads then place the button on top and solder the leg on the soldered pad.
  • Again don’t use heat gun.
  • Once you done soldering all the legs, put a little flux on pads and re-apply heat with soldering iron. Don’t use excess flux because it can jam the button structure.
  • Clean up the button environment with a little nail polish remover

Here is a video:

Let me know the progress :wink:

Thank you for the fast reply and for the information :slight_smile:

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your solder/unsolder instructions are fine, thanks.

I had to change my Upper Left Button as well. It was broken now for the second time.

You have to very careful if you lift the button during unsoldering as it is possible
that the solder point on the other site may break and you lost the electrical connection.
Better is to fix the board and use a friend to unsolder both sides together.

Or we need to know which is the side where the electrical connections are made and start unsoldering there.
The “dummy” pads are not so important if one of them breaks.

Please could you offer the electrical plans?
And put all spare parts in one post.

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The watchX PCB boards are manufactured with IPC Class 3. Which means they are very reliable :slight_smile: I am glad that you accomplished the replacement process.

I will share the spare parts very soon :wink: I will also try to prepare a document that will help for the electrical connection as well.

Last week we tried to fly watchX up into air with a drone and had a little crash:D The button is hit by the propeller and take the head of the switch off. I replaced the button and edited the above post for reference;)