Programming the watchX on the go with a Raspberry Pi and OLED Hat

This was a post I shared on Reddit but I somehow forgot to transfer it here.

I previously mentioned about programming watchX on the go. I ordered couple of parts one of which is a raspberry pi zero w. It’s a need little device. My aim is to build a portable device with Pi Zero and to be able to program pre-defined hex files.

Fist I wanted to see if it’s possible to program the watchX with Pi Zero. I made a headless setup to Pi Zero, Installed the Arduino and watchX libraries. Connected over mac and bingo, it worked:) Please see the video below:

I am waiting rest of the parts I ordered to make Pi Zero portable. I also need to work on a bash script, I may also get help from my friend u/vegadj he is good a bash scripting.

Update on 09/03/2019:

All the parts arrived and it become something that I use all the time:) Please see the final result below:

Anyone interested in making the same parts used are:

1 x Raspberry Pi Zero W (Easy to find everywhere)
1 x Oled Hat: BUY HERE
1 x Pimoroni Lipo Shim: BUY HERE
1 x Lipo Battery: I made my own, any 1S battery will do the job.

Source of the python script running on the Raspberry Pi Zero W:

Wiki about the Oled hat link is below. Please follow the instructions first on the wiki then run the above code.

hello, i know this topic is old but i just discovered this watch. i am trying to make a project on raspberry but this script is not working can i count on help how to run it?

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Welcome Michal,
I do not know how to program the watch with raspberry pi. You should dm @mtulu, he would know.