Play with the sinus

Here is my last project : I tried to play with sinus and use synergie between draw and tone to show and ear the variations of a wave

This is a really cool idea:) It was interesting to see and hear sinus wave:))

Thank you.

Here is a .ino code working very well (I still have a little graphic bug due to size of step in the code but it can handle it as it :wink: ).

dynamic Sinus and Tone .ino

I also still have the bug to save the bloc code :frowning: . After a few savings, saving is not possible anymore so extract the ino code is the only solution to keep my latest code version. When I’ll stop the software, I’ll loose everything except the .ino

Video : play with the sinus



*I wish watchX Blocks would handle matrix in order to buffer data :wink: *

Wow😍 I rushed into your post after seeing the video on youtube:) this is sooooo cool:)

Regarding to the save issue. What is the version of watchX Blocks you are using. You can check from clicking menu button and then click about.

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That might be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen with watchX.
I was thinking about drawing sensor data in graph form. Now I got the inspiration from you :smiley:

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Updated post with last video.

For those wondering I multiply frequency and octave both into “tone” but we know this calculation is wrong. It’s just for example.

I have reinstalled last version a few days ago to have the sinus working.

Have you tried to save 5 or 6 time the same file? After a few attempts it stops savings. I fonund that on 3 different computers, all with windows.

I tried saving 5-6 times on Mac with no problem. I should try with the windows as well. In any how, I will submit this as an issue:)

This project will be presented with others to show our Hackerspace activity at Kikk festival in Belgium .

With its new locker :

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I wish we could attend the festival:) I hope you get a good exposure :partying_face: Please don’t forget to share some pictures from the festival:)