Modified WatchX Housing Design

In our project, the battery in watchX (130mA) is not enough.
So, we want to replace a more large amount of battery (500mA).
The size of the new battery is the same in Width and Depth, but Hight is taller than the old one.
Therefore, we need to modify the housing design.
However, only stl file is available on “Thingiverse”.
Can you guys provide the Solidworks file or any other modifiable file?

You can modify STL files.


If you download all of the files from Thingiverse you will see *.step format files. You can drag&drop them into your CAD software of choice and start editing right away. :relaxed:

And you can find the full CAD model of watchX at GrabCad so that you can design your own case.

All STL ? I had never tried but I have to for another project.

You can try simple editing software like Meshmixer up to 3ds Max.

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