Modified Housing Design


I made a modification of the standard watchX housing design. It has bridges on top and bottom parts and snap locks, which will stick together both parts. Attention: This design is made for Onyx 3D-Printers ( with a nylon/carbon fiber material mix. This material is stiff enough that the snap locks will not break. Download link:

You can download 4 files: Bottom part with bridges, button, top part with bridges and snaps and top part with bridges, but without snaps.

These are the modifications:1 2 3 4 5

  • Reduced diameter (3%) of the pins on bottom part for better lock.
  • Bridges on both parts, snaps (hooks) on top part. The noses of the snaps are oversized. Take a rasp and
    shorten them, till they snap and lock easy.
  • Enlarged button height to avoid gap.

Be careful when you try to close the parts first time to avoid OLED display damage. Adjust it with a rasp or a knife. My Onyx made version locks nice. I made no tests with other materials.


Looks great! I am so happy that someone is contributing to the physical design.

Can you post some photos of the print when it is done? I cant wait.


Print is already done. I will use my watchX for skydiving. The altimeter is working well. Now I try to control a helmet mounted camera over bluetooth. WatchX is a nice piece!


Nice Job, i like the modifications.
How much space do we have to fiddle the nato strap through.


And please share your altimeter code if you like.


Looks great, I’m going to try and print a couple tonight! Will let you know how they turn out, and lessons learned!


Wooow, Please don’t forget to share the flight video with us:) I loved how red strap and black case blend together :heart_eyes: What is the brand of the camera that you want to control? Here is a document that you may benefit during the Bluetooth camera trigger development stage. Please check page 108.

Edit: 16/12/2018 Any progress on the project:) Really excited to see the results:D


Altimeter works fine in my test chamber. Now I try to integrate the BLE feature to control the helmet mounted camera. I want to use the iPhone X camera because of better quality in comparison to action cams (Gopro). Start and stop (play/pause) works fine. But there are some problems remaining (sketch size, non compatible libraries, feedback of camera status etc.). Hopefully I can solve these tasks before skydiving season begins.


So you can start and stop recording by sending (play/pause) commands, thats great:) You can also implement capturing a picture by (Volume+ / Volume-). When does the skydiving season begins?


I still can’t believe that a piece of hardware that we have designed is goingto be used in a harsh environment like skydiving.

I can’t wait! this is insane :laughing: