Making watchx water splashes proof

hello guys, I just wanted to share my experience, hoping it could be of help to someone: I received my watchx about two weeks ago, what wonderful product… but right away I was terrified of accidental water splashes (I have been wearing a waterproof watch for years, and now I was afraid to just wash my hands). Then I got an idea, I didn’t know how much it could be crazy and much it could damage the whole watch. After thinking about it for a couple of days, I decided to give it a try: I sprayed the board with a plasticizer (covering the USB connector and the display with some tape: I didn’t unplug anything to prevent the spray covering the connector contacts) I waited ten minutes et voilá, everything works perfectly. The only thing is that for a day the keys were just a little harder to press, but after a bit of use they returned as before. Surely, it will not be ip68 waterproof, but enough to make me feel comfortable and not worry every time I wash my hands (I attach a pic of the spray product that I used, maybe someone may be interested)

And a pic of the watch please :hugs:

Here it is, you can see some drop of spray paint in the top bar and some electrical tape in the bottom bar, just to cover the pins

Thank you. I thought it will be more visual.