Last Mohikan Watch Face

Today, I would love to share a watch face that I’ve designed a while ago.

We’ve called it Last Mohikan for no reason. It just sounded cool :sunglasses:
My first intention was to design something like Urwerk watches, but I’ve come up with this.

Here you can find the scratch code.

The code draws a big circle that is way larger than the display. The center of the circle is offset from the center of the display. You can see the curvature by looking at the small lines that indicate 15 min each.

The minute hand is the thick line that moves from left to right. Second is the little dot. You can see the hour written with a big font at the center and you can also see the day of the month underneath the hour.

It also has a sleep function. If the USB cable is connected it stays on. If there is no USB connection, it will count for 10 seconds and go to sleep. This improves battery life dramatically.

Hope you’ll like it :wink:


This might be the coolest watch face by far :smiley: It reminds me the speedometer of old classic cars such as this one


Thats right :grin:. I was also inspired by the VU Meters of the old hi-fi amplifies.

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