It's the time! We are live on IndieGoGo


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

We have launched our new campaign on IndieGoGo just minutes ago. From now on you can expand the capability of your watchX with various accessories.

You will be able to purchase our Backers Exclusive perks for 3 days from now. Do not miss the chance :wink:


Are there any changes to the watch hardware versus the original?


not yet, but can be very soon :slight_smile: continue to follow us


I did pledge two of the items on indiegogo; I was surprised my credit card was charged before the campaign was fully funded? Does that mean Iโ€™m guaranteed to receive the two items hopefully in May as promised?


Hi David, this is the normal process of indiegogo.

This means you will receive the products at promised date. But if the campaign fails to fulfill the goal, the amount you pay will be returned to your card back.



I donโ€™t understand : if we order a new watchX on indiegogo right now, that means we could have the same as we already have or we could have a new one depending on your evolution ?


Dear @francois ,

The watchX on this campaign is the same device as in our first campaign. There could be some minor differences in the PCB but nothing that you could see with naked eye. And the features will remain the same.

The main purpose of this campaign is to make the edge connector design of watch available for our customers as soon as possible.

We are working on a more advanced version of the watchX but it will be a different product than the standard version.

So this campaign is basically for our customer who wants to use the full power of watchX and new customers.


Is the Edge Connector compatible with the next generation WatchX Pro?


You will be able to use next gen. watchX pro with the edge connection:)


i have just found your website and i have visited the indiegogo campaign.
There is a cost for shipping, but I could not find a list of prices?

Could you please let me know the cost of shipping the watch and accessory package to the United Kingdom?

Thank you!



Thank you for your interest. :slight_smile:
The total price for Super Early discount on watch + Accessories Bundle will be 172 USD (Shipping included to the UK)

It is listed as the featured perk โ€œHacker Kit Super Earlyโ€ on the IndieGoGo Campaign right now.


Hi ecaldir,
on IndieGoGo Campaign site there is a picture of a nice plastic watch case. Is it available? Where can we buy this?



It is a plastic-injection molded case to make watchX look like a regular end user product. Due to tooling cost of molds we decided to put it in as a stretch goal.

If the campaign reaches a total of 100 000 usd we will put these into every single watchX kit. And they will be available to purchase separately for a very reasonable price.