Issues with WatchX games

So I love the new WatchX Blocks coding platform, and I have wanted to try out some of the games that are listed with it, but I have an issue. When I flash any of the games to the WatchX, it works, but then it seems to think that I am constantly pressing B, even when I am not. Also, once I flash a game, I can’t flash anything else until I reset the WatchX mid flash. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue, and whether there is a fix for it. Thanks!

Hello Dear @RetroGamer,

I love the watchX Blocks Program as well, it functions great, but I see you are having a problem, so I will try to be of assistance.

Could you check and see if you are using the brand new watch case, sometimes the buttons stick on it. So you could check that, and see if that is the problem.

Well there could be two causes that I know of:

  • Outdated/not original version of watchX blocks
  • Timer 4 On watchX messed up

Make sure you have downloaded watchX blocks from here:

And For Timer 4:
Some sketches mess up the serial timer. So you have to do the reset mid upload. That same happened to me as well.

Thanks, Cody

Thank you for the suggestions, but I do not believe it is an issue with the buttons because it doesn’t happen with other stuff and I am not using a case on my watch

Glad I Could Help! As for the buttons, there may be a bug that has gone undiscovered in the code.