Is the default factory sketch available?

I was wondering if the default sketch that comes loaded on the watchx, that shows the charging percentage and sometimes displays a message to connect it to a USB is available. My son and I have done a few very basic code samples with the watch and it would be nice to have the original code that shows the charge percentage so that I can still have some idea about the charge status between experiments.

Hello @mechsin,

The initial firmware is developed in C, so it may be a little complicated for your son. Here I share two Scratch codes. Code one is a battery monitor, it measures the battery voltage in Volts and displays both the battery voltage and battery status with an icon. The other code is a watch that utilizes the same function in a watch firmware.

Code - 1 download link:
Code - 2 download link:

You can also view the Arduino C code on the Mblock example.

Let me know if you need more information:)
All my bests, Mustafa.

Mustafa Bey selamlar. Watchx aldim torun icin. Bir turlu calistiramadim. Audrino ile test ederken blink yukledim fabrika prog da gitti. Nasil duzeltebilirim beni yonlendire bilrseniz sevinirim.

I would like the factory reset code so I can have it reset.