I wish watchX should have [fill in the blank]


Please fill in the blank:)

  • I wish watchX should have …


…the possibilty to power off the bluetooth chip completely.

…another input device like a jogdial.


… A bigger battery
… A free GPIO


A vibration motor. This is my number one.


Each add on sensors power controlled by an npn transistor. This way we can completely turn them on and off in code.


An epaper display. Added this to make 20 characters.


…as a small secondary display?


No as the primary display. Like a pebble watch.

Something that is visible in bright sunlight.


These feedbacks are really helping:) Please pour more into as you come up with something:)


I think we should make a plastic-injection case to protect it.
It should be easy to assemble and disassemble. Because users might want to disassemble their watchX for some other applications. :thinking:

Maybe we are designing that case rightnow. Who knows? :smile:


Tri colour LED…


Connector with access to usable IOs.
For example controlling LEDs in your Jacket at night.


An all in one MPU/ACCEL/MAG Chip like an MPU-9150.


An SD Card Slot if there is enough space and the MCU can support it.

Let‘s do something like a voting ?! :sunglasses:
Are the features for the Pro already fixed ?


An RTC with a small power buffer.


Using wifi like esp8266


Magnetometer’s North/0° at 12 o’clock :slight_smile:


Okay, that is noted:)