How to Connect watch X with Arduino UNO through bluetooth module?


Hi, everyone, I’m now trying to doing a job communicate the watch and an arduino.
The watch’s bluetooth related IC is nRF51822, so I suppose the watch use the BLE 4.0 to communicate.
On the arduino part I choose HM10, which should support the BLE 4.0 communication.

I tried to bind the watch’s MAC address with the HM10.
But of the unknown reason, it can not work…
So I just ask for help if anyone ever tried to communicate between the watch & any kind of arduino?
Thanks a lot if anyone can answer me~


In order to connect two Bluetooth devices, one should be the host and the other should be slave. Setting a device as a host is not an easy task, Something like an os should be running at the background.

You can connect watchX to a raspberry with a bluetooth though, I don’t know if that will work.


Actually I set HM10 as master & bind the MAC address of the watch(I get it with app).
Suppose the watch is slave, the HM10 should be able to scan it and connect it successively…
But … I can’t even scan it through HM10…
Is there any way to set the nRF51822 of the watch as slave?
Thank for the information but my project have to connect to arduino…


There are different types of initiation for the bluetooth module such as “data mode” or “HID” if you initiate it as HID that might help HM10 to see the watchX.

Here is the more information: