How to connect 2 watchX?

Is there any way to communicate between 2 watchX ?

Hi @francois

It is possible to connect two watchX via BLE in hardware vise. However it is not possible to do it with the current firmware running on the Bluetooth module NRF51822. However, it is possible to communicate between two watchX when you add a device in between such as Raspberry pi.

There is also another way to establish a communication between 2 watchX which is wired serial communication.

I hope this helps:)

Thank you,

It is as I was thinking even if I had the hope it would be possible in an easier way :wink:.

(as for microbit if you think to the next update :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

So I keep in mind the project of a BLE master with a third device (I would prefer a computer or perhaps with arduino?) but it’s a real challenge far from my actual skills :roll_eyes:

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