Difficult to buy a watchX


Hi there! I am in the process of buying a watchX. In the process of, you ask? Yes, as it is really difficult to buy anywhere.

It is difficult to get in on crowd funding projects these days (there is just sooooo many and so many scams as well) and I heard about the watchX just recently, after the funding campaign was long closed and the product shipped. So I tried to find another vendor to buy it from and could only find it on robotistan.com which I had never heard of before, as I am not a turkish citizen. It’s a cool shop, don’t get me wrong, but they only accept credit card payment.

I opened an account for a virtual credit card and have had to transfer money to that and am now waiting for them to verify my passport… then finally I can purchase your awesome product… only took me 2 days.

That might scare away possible customers… will the watchX be available anywhere else? I’d hate for it to go under the radar as I love the idea of A DIY smartwatch.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the device and having some coding fun with it, thanks a lot and greetings from Germany



Hi, I agree with you %100.

But we are also facing difficulties to satisfy the demands of our Japanese and Chinese distributors. But of course this doesn’t mean that It has to be this difficult to buy the watchX…

The Robotistan guys are our friends. I will pass your valuable feedback to them. I am sure they will take action on this notice.

On the other hand, the Robotistan is a local e-commerce designed for the Turkish customers. This causes some difficulties as you have stated. We are palnnin to go global on Amazon and AliExpress in the near future. This will make it much more easier for our customers to purchase.

I am looking forward to hear from you about watchX when you recover it :slight_smile:

All my best.


Thanks a lot for the quick reply. Great to hear that you guys have plans for a more global approach. I have just been able to complete my order and am now eagerly awaiting the parcel :slight_smile:

I think amazon an aliexpress is the bruteforce approach and will definitely reach a lot of people. But what about maker/DIY and hacker shops? I was thinking of ada-fruit and similar shops/communities. I have asked a German friend who runs an online shop selling moddable and open devices (OpenPandora for example and the successor device Pyra) if he would consider selling the watchX, so maybe some smaller vendors will purchase your product for retail. I think that would be way cooler, than just joining a million other devices amazon/aliexpress already sell and where the community of possibly interested people probably wouldn’t look if they didn’t exactly know what to order/search for.



Are you talking about Dragonbox?


Hey there, yes dragonbox and EvilDragon is the man I am talking about. I wasn’t sure if I should leave a link or something, but didn’t feel like advertising ^^.

I think EvilDragon is pretty busy finishing the Open Pyra, as we are almost ready for mass production, so sadly he hasn’t replied yet.

Here is a link to the thread on the pyra/pandora forums:


Got my MIST from Dragonbox.de :sunglasses:
I like that shop :+1:


hehe small world ^^. I have two pandoras and have been a member of the “gp32x.com”/openpandora community for twelve years now (boggles my mind…). and I have a mist, too! but I bought that one from lotharek directly in Poland. can’t replace the real deal though, so I have a tricked out A1200 anyway. May I assume from your nickname that you are an amiga fan as well and got the mist to check out how atariST feels like?


The 1200 is related to my last two motorbikes :motor_scooter:
But you are right, before the mist i was looking for an Amiga 1200.

Actually I use the mist for C64 and MSX and i tried to use it as an FPGA development system but there is much to learn.


yes, fpga programming is like going down a rabbit hole. I haven’t tried to develop anything fpga related yet, I need to learn some lowlevel c stuff first before I even think about getting into that (and that’s why I got me a watchx ^^). C64 is a really fun platform, if you are interested, I still have a spare breadbin style C64 in my collection, but sadly it does not POST. So if you are willing to debug it and exchange some of the chips, shoot me a pm and you can have it if you want to get back into the real hardware (you are in cologne right? I am based in dortmund).


Thanks for your offer but I have enough to play around like an C64 DTV which is waiting for some mods.
I am located in Bonn.