Continuous timekeeping

Hello, how the real time clock should behave regarding continous timekeeping? so far I have tried a few firmwares including the Nwatch and Tap clock but it seems to me that they all fail to keep time and data, if the device runs out of battery. Is this the way it should behave or am I doing somethin wrong?

Hello Dear @lazzarel,

The DS3231M keeps the time as long as the battery has enough charge. What is the typical battery life you get from Nwatch or Tap Clock?

Hi Mustafa, I got battery for a few days, I never tested properly with 100% charging, but I will do it in the near future, will be good to know. So far as an wearable device ill go for the Nwatch all the way and the only thing that I found frustrating Is the loss of time tracking when discharged.

The Nwatch firmware needs to warn the user when the battery is low I think that is the case. Tap Clock has this feature.

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I did the battery test twice. With Tapclock it works 24 hours in sleep mode. Actually I think it has some alarm warning for low battery, but I never heard it when the device is asleep. The alarm starts when I just connect the watch to charge, because it has low battery and is also awake and the display is in revert mode with white background. So this feature its not very helpful. I will go back to Nwatch to see how the battery handles.

Yes, when the watch is in deep sleep, it won’t be able to worn the user. It only warns the user when the watch is waked and the battery is low. Nwatch firmware has a feature for dimming the display brightness it might help to extend the battery life.