Charge via pins?

Can you charge using the connector? I have an idea to make a WatchX stand/charger.

I would modify the WatchX housing to include contacts to the connector running to metal contacts on the back of the watch. Then I would make a stand with contacts on it connected to a usb cable.

Hi Nicholas,
Is great idea, did you look at the pin layout?’s%20Manual%20-%20V1.1%20English%20A4.pdf#page=16


Yes I just wasn’t sure which one charged the battery? I assume vbatt?

Hello Karl,

We are at CES so kinda busy and not be able to get online:) I hope you liked our accessories for watchX.

You can charge by supplying 5v to Vbus pin of the adaoptor. Take a look at the image:,w_695/v1546677209/qqzz3xd9yxsunwzcokfz.jpg

Making such a case is a great idea:) Please don’t forget to share initial sketches;)

All my bests, Mustafa.

CES, always wanted to go there. I’m just trying to decide how I will modify the case to provide a contact to WatchX pins.

I did look at qi wireless charging. The coils are small and cheap but you also need an IC to convert the AC back to DC 5v.

You may think a two-part case that splits half vertically, the bottom part slides out from the bottom and expose the connector. just a thought.

I hope you come and visit CES, so much joy for grown up kids. It’s so huge you can get lost easily.