Can I make BLE scanner

Dear ones

Hello, I want to make the BLE Scanner running on Watch X

I want to run the same as ESP32’s BLEScanner function with Watch X (

As more details,

  1. Receive advertising packets sent from BLE peripheral devices,
  2. Get and show the information such as device ID and RSSI etc.

First, I tried to find a sample sketch similar to ESP32,
Unfortunately, I could not find something like that in the sample sketches of Arduino Leonardo or Watch X.

I saw Arduino Reference but I could not find a way to switch Serial1(BLE)'s modef.

Do you have BLE scanner’s sample sketches or source code or any other useful tips?

Thank you

Hello Dear @takagiri welcome on board;)

watchX has a nrf51822 based bluetooth module. NRF51 is a highly capable mcu however we only benefit the slave mode because of the firmware we flashed to it. Using the scan and host function will require a more advanced firmware running on NRF51. Our design allows a custom firmware upload to NRF51 module which we are Currently working on one. If you are advanced on firmware development we can exchange more information to move you through.

Hi, Dear @mtulu, thank you for your response:-)

I understand, I need to rewrite firmware.
(I think most X Watch developers can create the required functionality only in peripheral mode)

If a custom firmware image is already available and it provided by Nordic Semiconductor,
I want your help to flash it.

If I scratch the source or machine code for the firmware image, I have a high hurdle and I am sorry but I will give up.

(The Radio Law is the biggest barrier.
(In Japan), Custom firmware created by an individual may invalidate nRF51822 (MDBT-40) certification.
I’m a little worried about this:
Manufacturer’s SDK And using a library, the legal barrier to custom firmware will be removed)

Hello Dear @takagiri , please see the page 14 of our user manual You will see the SWDIO, SWCLK, you will need a J-link or other arm, programmers to program the module. you can always revert to original firmware so no worries. I highly recommend to check Nordic’s examples for peripheral applications

Please let me know your progress.