Broke my screen again!


This is the second time I have broken the screen. I caught the edge on my coat. The screen actually still works but it has gone very dim.

Luckily I have 3 more spare that I can replace with with.

I really wish there was somewhere to buy cases.


No Makerspace around you or a friend with a printer?

Whithout a case is also dangerous.
I got a deep cut in my finger from the sharp edges of the display.


No friend with a printer. There is a maker space in the next town to me but I can’t spare several hours to go and wait for a print.

I filed the corners of my display down so they were not as sharp.


Are you from Germany?


No I’m in the UK.

Fixed my watch though.


If you can hold on till 23 January, we will be in London:) Attend to BETT Show. We can bring you several cases with variety of colors:D


another good idea for this community : a communication topic where we could find your events :stuck_out_tongue:
Do you plan to come in Belgium ?


Thanks for the gesture but I wouldn’t be able to get to London. Especially at this time of year.

If you want to post one to me when you get to the UK I will PayPal you the costs though.

That is, if I don’t buy a 3d printer before then.
I am currently looking at the MP Select mini pro for £220.


@francois Aha, we can come to Belgium:) why not :smile: By the way we will attend to CES in Las Vegas, anyone who’ll be there can also benefit the free cases;)

@NicholasAngle That’s a really fair price. Make sure that it ptints well. I recommend you to double check it woth @ecaldir who was previously designed and manufactured a 3D printer :slight_smile: