Bluetooth watchX not recognized by my computer

Hello team,

I’m struggling for some weeks with the Bluetooth recognition on my computer. I’ve tried to play with BLE example and change the code but nothing helps. My phone and other computers are able to see watchX but not my computer (that see my phones and other computers).

Doe’s somebody know if some setting on my computer or in the code of the BLE protocol can help to solve this issue ?

Many thanks to you.


P.S. : great job on this community SharePoint :sunny:

Hello Francois,

Please see this video: watchX connects to pc and controls the music on the computer. You should initiate the bluetooth as Human Interface Devices(HID)

Please download and try this example:

Don’t forget to share the results:)
P.S: Thank you, great progress ahead;)

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no improvement until now, this works well between my phone and my watchX but my computer don’t see watchX BLE when I want to add it :confused:
it come’s from my computer

Hello Francois,

What is your OS? Can you please describe the problem a little detailed?

I have a quite old toshiba still under windows 7. I had an error with “TOSHIBA STACK BLUETOOTH NOT UNDER LICENSE ANYMORE” or something like that. I remove the old one and bought a dongle 4.0 (only for this watchX project :stuck_out_tongue:).
The dongle is working and it sees my phone but not watchX.
But I’m very unexperimented on that and I’m not sure to be able to solve it.

Well, let’s check a couple of things. First, we need to make sure that you correctly initialise the watchX ble settings. To understand it you need to answer below questions:)

  1. Do you see watchX on your phone’s bluetooth settings or do you see it on Adafruit’s Bluetooth App?
  2. Did you try to connect to the watchX with a different pc?

Yes and yes

Yes, it’s working

I also tryed to connect my phone to my computer and it’s working also

Hello Francois,

Second question concludes that problem is either with PC or the bluetooth dongle:) In order to narrow dawn the circle, we need one more test. Did you use the dongle with a different PC and try to connect the watchX?


I’ll try that on Thursday on another computer.

My feeling is that it’s related to the Bluetooth stack software that I re-install but I have no idea of what to check/change (probably the computer :smile:) .

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