Basic_Watch_v2 in progress


I think so. I will experiment on that.


My Bluetooth test with my iPhone SE and latest IOS.

I enable Bluetooth on my iPhone and open the Adafruit App which detects an „Basic_Watch“ Device.
If i press connect I get immediately an pairing request from IOS.
If I pair the devices i can‘t use the Adafruit any longer as no WatchX or Basic_Watch device is shown and the iPhone has the WatchX in the list of trusted devices.
If i don‘t pair i can use the Adafruit App to send notifications.
I like that :sunglasses:


Yes, they just can’t get enough of our Bluetooth module and this proves my suspects about Siri do carry a woman characteristics:D

Do you experience keyboard does not pop up when you pair the watchX with iOS?


Which Keyboard, could you explain a bit more.


Under certain circumstances the watch gets recognised as a Bluetooth keyboard which prevents the software keyboard from popping up when you want to enter text.

I don’t think that should happen though as I have removed the Bluetooth keyboard service from the sketch. Although the HID input service is still there.


Good Morning.

The Software Keyboard from the Adafruit App?


No the main iOS one. If it things you have a Bluetooth keyboard attached it does not pop up the software keyboard automatically.


Ok, need to test this again.
Maybe the HID Device.


Yes the main OS keyboard. I am not updating my iPhone because Apple slow the device down in purpose at each update. Maybe they fixed it.


Could you please get in contact with adafruit to get a final answer about the INT connection and our SPI Module.

All my tests don‘t work like my tests with RTC or MPU.

Maybe Adafruit can give us an working/waking :grinning: example.


I have previously contacted them and could not get a response:( Actually, we may develop a custom BT firmware and have a better battery performance and use Interrupt. Adafruit does not release the source code of the firmware so that we modify it.

To be honest, we don’t really benefit the NRF51822 Arm based MCU as well. I am thinking, we can shift most of the operations to NRF and use Atmega32U4 as a bridge.

Currently our team is not really capable(in terms of human source) of developing a custom firmware for the BT module. We will grow our team and focus on bluetooth module for a custom firmware.

There is one more option, we may find a open source BT firmware for NRF51822 and flash it.


Thank you for these informations.


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@mtulu I flashed your fixed version on watchx and my device now has breathing LED working but usb always says connected. Charging changes to full though.


Totally strange :slight_smile: Mine works great except that when a remove the USB I see “Chrg” turns into “Full” momentarily which is a bug :smiley: .

When you unplug from the computer do you see that LED continue to breath? If don’t your Oled display not obeying the below code:


Can you please try to do something like:

    digitalWrite(LEDL, HIGH); // Let's make sure that we are in here.  


The breathing stops and the chrg says full. But USB stays. I think full might actually stay there I’ll check in a moment.



No, Full should not stay there as well. It should only show Full when usb is connected and battery is fully charged. I think my suspects are through, this line “oled.clearToEOL();” don’t work at your Oled Display or you don’t have the latest update.

Can you verify you have “oled.clearToEOL();” at watchface function?


I just downloaded the latest version from GitHub. That’s what I flashed.


Just tried the last Github Version.
“USB” is cleared if I remove the cable.