Basic_Watch_v2 in progress


Still 13% space left too :-).

Need to find an existing app that can forward to this or modify Adafruits.


My phone still refuses to pair with the watch. But the Adafruit app works.


It’s weird that your phone refuses to pair. I will look at the USB problem tonight then focus on the LED issue. I think we should benefit more from the LEDs. Bluetooth notification, battery low notification etc. Then I know who to contact for Mobile app. We have a customer who previously worked on Yahoo, Youtube and last time we exchanged email he was working at Snapchat. He offered help for the Android app. Let me send him an email;)


Cool. Yeah I’m not sure why. I think it might be my phone that’s the issue. It works fine on the Nexus 7.

Although other BT devices work fine.

We also need to wrap the notification text.

Toucan also make the watch crash by sending too many notifications at once. We could handle this by notifying the phone once the notification is finished so it only sends one at a time.


Okay, noted. I will keep this post informed as I hear from the talented Android developer:)


Just realised USB detect function works fine, we just need to refresh the screen for the “USB Crg” to disappear while usb de-attached.


Chrg disappears on mine but USB stays all the time.


Can you please try scratchPrintTime Example it has working USB function. We will see if the problem is with the firmware or the hardware.

By the way watchX consumes a lot then it is used to be:) Do we missing something?


Do you have debug = 1? If you do it doesn’t sleep. How long you getting?


It was fully charged at 5:00 AM it’s now down to %40. I also modified below line so that watch does not go to sleep when it’s connected to USB. It’s also essential for LED breathing effect because millis do mess up in sleep.

if (WatchState == 0 && debug == 0 && !usbConnected)


That doesn’t work for me as it always thinks the USB is connected so it never sleeps. Maybe increase the sleep to 400ms. I think that’s what it might have been before the re-write.


Mine was fully charged at 11pm and not it’s 55%


Obviously this version does a lot more than the original. Also we haven’t turned off the MPU. Would that make much of a difference.

It would be good if we can change everything to use interrupts and sleep all the time and check once per minute for timed events (I think you can do this with the RTC venice1200 mentioned this)


Yes the overall firmware should all be interrupt based. I will also try to cave more on battery usage.


Got my test system (Arduino Micro) woken up from sleep through RTC using Pin 7 as i get problems/IDE crashs when I attach an interrupt to Pin 1/TX1/Int 3.

Using one of the enhanced RTC Libs.
Still testing…


That is excellent news. The battery life is definitely lower on Basic_Watch now. I’m getting less than 24 hours.


But there is something strange if i attach the rtc interrupt via INT3 to the system. The arduino gui hangs and it seems that the boards sketch is not working as expected.

With INT7 all is working fine.


Send MPU and MAG to sleep if you don‘t need it for the Moment.
Maybe the Temp Sensor can sleep as well?!


If we can make the Bluetooth module tell us on an interrupt if there is a message waiting we can stop polling it. I think that is where all the battery life has gone.


I have uploaded a test sketch for wakeup the MCU with the RTC’s Interrupt Line.
I don’t know what I did wrong before but this one works fine on my test system.

Needs two additional Libs, see sketch.